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Home Automation

That’s about all to control all your in-built home devices, appliances and electrical systems. Switch on or off from almost anywhere on the face of our planet earth. The sheer magical operations begin with your voice commands. Simply say: turn off the lights or mellow the light intensity, or command: it is bed time now, and lo, witness your home gadgets respond in a jiffy! Jaycon devices operate seamlessly with your fav voice assistants: Apple Siri, OK Google, Alexa and Bixby.

With just a single tap, watch how this app allows you to create scenes that control varied appliances and lights or fans. You could create an ambience viz. Good Night that would turn off all the lights, lock the doors and regulate the air-conditioner to an apt temperature. Factually, with a mere single tap, you could generate attractive spaces to set that perfect mood. Be it a romantic dinner or a game night.

As the sun barely peeps through your venetian blinds, you open your eyes to the natural stream of light of a new day. While, a warm shower is getting ready, the music player emits your best earsoothing tunes, and the airconditioner is escalated to a cozy level. Your home ambience is flawlessly on an auto-pilot, while you could focus on your priorities.

Surprisingly, your home could sense your going-out or coming-in and hence, gauge likewise in accordance to your likings. Through GPS, this device could sense your coming back home after work. And hence, the path-way lights illuminate to aid proper steering, the garage door opens up, and your home is prepared with apt lights and temperature for you to unwind peacefully.

Thus, the entire smart story of Jaycon is truly jaw-dropping. With remote access, voice and scene control, automation and geo awareness, the entire home would be saturated with ineffable happiness.